A video uploaded by Roam, a downtown Davenport, IA, business that was severely damaged by recent flooding in the area, shows the moment the flood wall broke:

Before the wall breaks, someone in a yellow vest can be seen walking along the flood barrier. As soon as water starts spilling over the side, the person promptly BOOKS it. Who is this person? Are you ok? That must've been terrifying.

As the water starts to approach the building, several people can be seen running outside. A truck quickly leaves the parking lot that is now almost underwater. The most shocking thing is that it all happens in about two minutes.

Some people may still say the flooding is not "that bad" compared to other areas along the Mississippi, but the speed of the flooding is what made it so scary.

If you'd like to help Roam's employees that are now out of work, check out their GoFundMe. 



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