By now, many of us have seen the aerial drone footage of downtown Davenport's flooding. But what does it look like to someone on the street? We went and took some photos at the spots that were most affected, including the intersection where the flood wall was breached.

This is what Perry and River Drive looked like a few weeks ago:


As you can see, the water was already pretty high. This is where the wall was broken, at Pershing and River Drive, just a block down from the above photo:


When the flood wall initially broke on Tuesday, many residents, business owners, and customers were taken by surprise and had only minutes to evacuate. Some didn't make it in time and had to be rescued by boat:

However, the panic has now settled and city workers and volunteers are trying their best to get things back to normal. While police and firemen worked to get sand bags and hoses in place, a few "flood tourists" stopped to take selfies by the water:


The whole experience of walking around an underwater downtown was a bit surreal. Take a look at more of our photos so you can get the experience too, without coming close to any danger.

Flood Wall Breach 2019


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