"Ghost Towns" can appear scarier than a haunted house. What once was, left for dead...Abandoned and empty. It can be sad to see and equally creepy.

We go to the YouTube channel of Lord Spoda who visited Cairo, Illinois...what in THE HELL is going on here? Cairo, Illinois was a booming spot at one time, in the Land of Lincoln. Not so much anymore. Ghost Town? Close. Have people given up and moved away? Sure did.

This is the town where the Ohio River ends. In the 1800's this was the spot for water travel in Illinois, where you could start the journey.

Well it's 2023, and a lot different in Cairo, Illinois. The days of big name travelers, this was the spot. Authors, political types, this was the spot to settle down. Cario was a very  busy town...Until train tracks were built and other forms of transportation made ferry travel slowly crawl to an end in the 1900's.

Our tour guide does a good job of hitting all the history specifics during this video. Lord Spoda knows his Cairo, IL or at least what is left of it.

An economic decline and some terrible racial relations within Cairo, Illinois ending this town that once has 15,000-20,000 people. Now according to Wiki you are looking at under 2000 people and the businesses are few and far between.

I visited Cairo, Illinois. The town has lost 90% of its population and is on the verge of become a ghost town. The city was once among the most promising and fastest growing in the country, but those heady days are long over. - Lord Spoda

So take at look at this basically abandoned town of Cairo, IL:

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