Apple finally admitted that yes, software updates slow the performance of our older iPhones. While many lost their minds over this admission, I admit, I yawned. I just don't care that much if my iPhone is a little slower.

CNN reports that older iPhones may have battery issues that could shut the phone down in the middle of something to protect its components. In order to stop this from happening Apple's updates are designed to smooth out power demands to avoid this. The trade off, a slower phone.

I'm not a power user of my phone by any stretch of the imagination. If a software update and a shiny new interface slow my phone down a little bit I don't care. What bugs me more with the latest updates: The quick battery drain. Freezing of my screen way more frequently. The lack of a headphone jack. Plus the seemingly constant updates in the latest software version. If anything drives me away from the iPhone it won't be because it's slower... it will be everything else I mentioned.


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