My wife Kathy and I own a greyhound named JJ. The past few days my wife has been sharing stories about how he really isn't liking the cold weather in Texas. I texted my wife back, "wait till he gets a taste of winter in the Quad Cities." We chuckled at that, but greyhounds don't have thick fur and their rather skinny and should be wearing a coat when it gets cold. Veterinarian Nancy Kay tells the New York Times most dogs who will be out in the cold for awhile should wear a coat.

So here are some things the New York Times recommends to keep Fido fit as a fiddle all winter here in the Quad Cities:

  • A dog coat to preserve Fido's body heat. If you have a male dog, look for one that won't get soaked when Fido does his business.
  • Boots. This will keep snow and ice and the chemicals that melt snow and ice off the paws. If boots don't work, look for a wax that can be applied to the paws before walks. If boots aren't a possibility. Rinse your dog's paws after walking in snow or wet side walks treated with salt.
  • Ear protection. Some dogs need something to keep their ears warm. A dog muff or an acrylic knit hat with the top cut off will do the trick.

I'd also point out, you as the human walking Fido need many of the same things. A warm coat, hat and gloves and a good pair of boots that won't slide on ice and snow when Fido pulls on his leash. Finally, microchip your dog and make sure he or she has a collar with your contact information on it. It's the best way to reunite you and your dog if you become separated on a walk.

Do you do anything special with your dog for the winter? Does he wear a coat? booties? Tell me how you and your dog survive winter walks below.





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