The NFL Combine is this weekend.  Former NCAA football players have been invited to Indianapolis to be put through a series of tests.  The one test that is the oddest test is the Wonderlic Test.

The Wonderlic Test is an aptitude test of basic questions in math, vocabulary, and reasoning.  It was developed in 1936 by then Northwestern graduate student, E.F. Wonderlic, to measure general cognitive ability.  The average score is 20.  A score of 10 is considered illiterate.

Every year, future NFL players are forced to take this test of 50 questions that need to be done in 12:00 minutes.  Calculators are not allowed but pencil and paper are allowed.

It is pretty stressful.  How do I know? Because I took it.  Twice.  The first time I took it, I spent my time trying to get every answer right and I only answered about 30 or so questions out of the 50.  My score was OK....

wonderlick 24

I got a 24.  Which would be the Kansas City Chief's quarterback, Patrick Mahomes.

Then I took it again.  I decided to waste very little time on each question.  If I struggled on a math problem, I would guess the answer and hope for a vocabulary or reason.  It worked out in my favor.  I almost answered all of the 50 questions and I scored a 35.  Which would put me in the likes of Green Bay Packers quarterback, Aaron Rogers.

35:50 wonderlic

Remember, this is all in fun.  There will be no judging.


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