Just the thought of them will make you itch.  The growing bed bug crisis in Paris is leading to worries about these pests infesting cities around the world including right here in Iowa.

Experts are warning it's highly likely that bed bugs could spread fast across the state but there are ways to prevent them from getting into your house and under your skin.

Bed Bugs Are Nothing New In Iowa


As city streets are being flooded with old mattresses in Paris, licensed pest control professional Zachary Smith of The Pest Dude, worries that they can spread rapidly across each continental state.

Bed Bugs typically inhabit areas where people sleep.  Including of course hotels.  But, bed bugs can be anywhere including the cars and planes people visiting Paris are using which could bring back with them as an unexpected souvenir.

Where You Will Find Bed Bugs

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If you are traveling and don't want to bring these bugs back with you, Smith suggests checking these common areas for the pests.

  • Mattresses: Examine folds, seams, and buttons.  Look for tiny blood stains on the linens.
  • Box springs: Inspect inside and around them.
  • Headboards: Check cracks, crevices, and attachment points to bed frames or walls.
  • Nightstands and Electronics: Yes they can live on devices like clocks, phones, TVs, and computers.
  • Textiles: Quilts, blankets, bedspreads, and pillows.
  • Walls: Check between carpeting and baseboards and under carpet edges.
  • Furniture: Look in and around upholstered items like sofas and chairs.

Plus, windows and doors, closets and clutter.  Yes, these little bugs can live almost anywhere.

How To Prevent Bud Bugs In Iowa

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Ultimately you might not see the tiny bugs but there are still ways to prevent them.

Things like mattress encasements trap bed bugs inside starving them.  Plus, stay clean!  Vacuum areas that could be infested including your mattress and furniture.  Wash your bedding in the highest temperature setting for the wash and dry cycle.

If You Become Infected In Iowa?


No, you don't need to burn your house down.  The Pest Dude suggests high heat for washing everything including steam on carpets and couches.  There are natural treatments like botanical sprays with ingredients like "clove oil" that can kill the bed bugs.

Or go for the chemicals.  Insecticides like pyrethrins and pyrethroids are common, with low toxicity to humans and pets.

"In this rapidly evolving situation, awareness and timely action are our best defenses," states Zachary Smith of The Pest Dude. "While bedbugs have always been a concern, their resilience and adaptability make it crucial for everyone to be informed and proactive.”

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