I love hearing the stories behind the beers.  And this one is a doozie.

Charlie from the Blue Cat Brewing Co brought in a "blonde stout".  Those familiar with the craft beer world may have never heard of this particular style before.  "Blonde ales," yes...but not "blonde stouts."
The head brewer talked about brewing this particular beer, now known as "Lovecraft", and it's been a labor of love:
"This beer has been a labor of trial and error for several years by our Brewmaster and is finally ready to be debuted. The “Pale Stout” style is new in the last few years and the breweries that do them well keep their secrets close to their chest. This beer may look like a Pale Ale but it’s roasty, chocolaty, sweet, and full bodied just like a stout. So how do did we get all of the flavors of a stout without the dark color? It’s a secret"
As far as the name goes, he's a little bit more of an open book. Charlie and his fiance Jess were pouring at a Goose Island event and didn't have a name for it.  After a back and forth "brain dump" of coffee phrases and lingo due to it's roasty, coffee-esque qualities, he decided to go back to some familiar Blue Cat roots.
One of the most popular Blue Cat flagship beers, "Arkam Stout", is a reference to the fictional city in HP Lovecraft stories (NOT a Batman reference as some may believe).
Simply calling this blonde stout "Lovecraft" is a nod to the legacy of the Blue Cat and the "Love" of the "Craft" beer world that most certainly will welcome this new style with open arms.

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