We can fight all day about who has the better team, but a recent study says the fans are sexiest in Chicago.

We're gearing up for the end of the NFL season which means there's a big game on the horizon. There's also a HUGE halftime show and this year (much like all of the years) the Chicago Bears will not be playing.

However, they have (sort of) won a title... they have the second sexiest fans in the NFL.

Ok, let me break this down for you.

According to BonusFinder, the Bears are in second place in the 'sexy fans' contest, losing to the Dallas Cowboys.

I know, you're wondering, who decided this?

Their study wasn't too huge, they only asked 1,027 NFL fans to fill out a survey that included the sexy question and the Bears ended up with 7 percent of the vote.

The Cowboys had 20 percent to secure that top spot and after the Bears, the Miami Dolphin fans had 6.7 percent of the vote, the Arizona Cardinals had 5.6 percent and the Green Bay Packer fans actually did come pretty close, in 5th place with 5.5 percent of the vote.

The survey also asked about the attractive players on the teams, with Tom Brady taking the top spot with 21.1 percent of the vote and Patrick Mahones landing in second place with 13.6 percent of the vote.

I can only imagine the actual NFL fans don't care at all who's sexier, they're probably more interested in who's playing in the game February 12.

Who do you think will be playing?

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