Now that winter is here you don't need to get in a Hot Tub Time Machine to enjoy the river.  You just need to get in a hot tub on the river.

You'd think Illinois river time is done unless you had a mega yacht that had a hot tub but there is an affordable option to cruise the river with friends.  But don't think you can cruise along the river without getting in the hot tub...because the entire boat is basically one big hot tub.

Cruise The River In A Hot Tub

Man wearing cowboy hat sitting in hot tub with wine.

Yes, they let you drink in the Hot Tub boat.  Not sure about the smoke though...but it is Illinois!  Best Date Food on Instagram also says that no food is allowed on the boat.  Which makes sense as you don't want crumbs in the hot tub.

The company "Chicago Boat Rentals" is offering a new "Hot Tub Boat" that you can see below.  It's a heated (obviously) six-person boat that launches from Marina City (300 N State St), and allows the passengers to cruise the Chicago River taking in all the views the city has to offer.

Chicago Boat Rentals says

"Our hot tub boats are the best choice for rentals throughout the year! This unique experience offers a wonderful way to cruise the Chicago River whether it's a gathering of friends or an intimate sunset cruise, our hot tub boats provide the perfect setting for memorable moments. Please note the capacity is limited to 800 lbs per party."

You are probably thinking, well this is Chicago and it's a unique boat so it must be thousands of dollars.  I was thinking the same thing.  But it's actually affordable.  A 90-minute cruise is only $300.  That's $50 a person to experience the river, the city, and winter in a very different way.

What isn't a's booking very fast!  At the time of this story, there were only a few dates left available.

Check out more at the Chicago Electric Boats website.

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