Sitting on a warm patio with a cool drink in your hand is something we look forward to in the Quad Cities after a cold winter and wet/cool spring.

Now, there is a newly opened place for you to enjoy those drinks, and some food, and they come with one of the best views of the Mississippi River around the area.

The View From The Other Side

Google Maps
Google Maps

Ok, before looking at the new spot now open in Princeton, Iowa, did you know you can Google "Street View" from the river?  How is this the first time I'm seeing this?  This is totally a rabbit hole that is going to take suck my time.

The images, like the above, were captured in 2015, so clearly, Google needs to send a new boat down the river this summer cause a lot has changed.  Including the newly opened Three 33 which, as you can see below, looks nothing like the above picture now that new owners have taken over.

Three 33 in Princeton Iowa.

Three 33 is located at 333 River Drive, hence the name, and officially had its grand opening on St. Patrick's Day.  So they jumped right into the deep end of the river!

The redesigned bar and grill features 6 big screens upstairs, an industrial look with flooring that mimics water/waves and wall art from local artists.

Of course, a huge selling point is the water views from every seat in the dining area and upstairs bar.  The lower level bar is also redesigned with more views of the river.

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The owners have said the full menu is now ready and it's an extensive menu with staples like cheese curds, local beer, smash burgers, and homemade pasta salad.  The owners, Jill and Tyler, created the menu with homemade recipes.

While there is currently minimal outdoor seating along the upstairs side of the restaurant, you don't want to be hanging outside right now anyway.  As the weather warms there will be docks and lower-level outdoor seating.

Now, let's just get the weather to warm so we can check out Three 33 and all the other awesome patio bars you can see below.

Check out the new Three 33 in Princeton, Iowa

The new owners of 333 River Drive have opened the bar and grill with some of the best river views in the Quad Cities area.

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