Iowa sure is Beautiful, but a website called decided that despite Iowa's beauty it had to find the ugliest town in the state. This article actually highlights the ugliest town/city in every state and is ruthless with their picks.

I was not expecting this college town to be on their list.

Travel. com was brutal in their decision to name Ames Iowa the ugliest town in Iowa.

Tens of thousands of students flock to Ames, Iowa to study at Iowa State University, but most of them would probably prefer to study elsewhere--this is one city that's not worth writing home about! This place may not be hideous, but it's definitely too boring to be considered beautiful!

Ouch. And it just gets worse.

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Why Ames?!

I've been to Ames a number of times, but never saw it as "ugly." Travel. com had an answer for that too.

While it may be a safe place to live (unlike some of the other places on this list), it's also one of the most boring. Unless you're a student at ISU, there's probably not going to be enough going on to satisfy you. At least you can always just stare out into the cornfields!

A lot of Iowa towns only have cornfields, but hey maybe I'm biased as an Iowan. I don't want any of our beautiful towns to be called ugly, but if one did have to be called ugly I feel as though Ames would take it with their head held high.

About "Ugly" Ames

It is more than just a college town, but ISU is a big part of the area.

Ames is a city in Story County, Iowa, United States, located approximately 30 miles north of Des Moines in central Iowa. It is best known as the home of Iowa State University, with leading agriculture, design, engineering, and veterinary medicine colleges. A United States Department of Energy national laboratory, Ames Laboratory, is located on the ISU campus.

If you're from Ames congrats... You're from Iowa's ugliest town.

No state was safe from their rankings including our neighbor Illinois. You can see how Illinois' ugliest town here.

other ugly towns include:

Wisconsin: Milwaukee

Minnesota: Glencoe

Missouri: St. Louis

Are you from Iowa's ugliest town? Let us know.

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