In 2015, the Cubs finished with 97 wins but placed 3rd in their division.  The North Siders are projected to only finish with 93 wins in 2016, but have the best record in baseball.

Well, they're expected to SHARE the league's best record with the Red Sox.

FanGraphs, a leading website for baseball stats and analysis, released their projections for 2016 yesterday.

The Cubs are expected to finish a whopping nine games ahead of the 2nd place Pirates in the NL Central and 10 games ahead of the Cardinals, who FanGraphs projects to have 83 wins and tie with the Mets for the final Wild Card spot in the National League.

The White Sox, who have made numerous acquisitions this offseason, are expected to vastly improve.  However, this doesn't necessarily mean a playoff birth.  According to FanGraphs, the South Siders will finish 81-81, five games behind AL Central Champion Cleveland.

Who's expected to have the worst record? The Phillies, at an abysmal 64-98.

See the full list of projections HERE.