The 2022 Chicago Cub season was not...ideal. It was, oddly, a lot of fun towards the end of the year when some future prospects got some time to shine, but this current iteration of the Chicago Cubs are faaaaaaarrrrr removed from the World Series team 6 years ago that never got to that dynasty that many Cub fans envisioned.

Fan support for the team has remained incredible, Wrigley was still regularly bringing in 25,000 fans for a team that was 20 games under .500. Management must realize that they need to reward that dedication, or more likely that they shouldn't press their luck with a fan base that is growing impatient, so they announced on Wednesday that they would be decreasing the cost of season tickets for the 2023 season.

BleacherNation - Per multiple reports, the average price of season tickets for Chicago Cubs games is being reduced by 5.1% for next season. As near as Jon Greenberg can tell, that's the largest annual average decrease since at least 1991, which is as far back as he can check.

And as you might expect, Cubs management had a very creative "spin zone" about the reason for the decrease.

Take a look at what Cale Vennum, senior vice president of Marquee 360, said about the decision to reduce ticket prices.

We definitely do hear that it's a more competitive environment...People have a lot of choice in their opportunities and the things they want to go out and do in their lives. And a lot of them are choosing to come to Wrigley Field, but we saw that there was an opportunity that we could decrease prices heading into next year.

I'd like to take a moment to point out my favorite quote from that article:

we saw that there was an opportunity that we could decrease prices heading into next year.

Opportunity!?!?! What does that mean? The Cubs saw an "opportunity" to make less money next year and had to jump on it? No the "opportunity" is the fact that you've bungled the management of this team and you're giving the fans an "opportunity" to not be so mad at you.

So what does this mean for the price of single tickets? No one knows yet but in the past, regular season ticket price increases have mirrored season ticket increases. That should mean that single ticket prices for next year should go down, but I'm not sure if the Cubs see an opportunity to do that yet so we'll have to wait.

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