If you have been in the market for retail space in Downtown Davenport, there is a big space about to open up.

If you are in Downtown Davenport in the next couple of months and are looking for an ATM, there will be one less convenient spot for you to make the withdrawal.

Downtown Davenport Openings

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It hasn't all been doom and gloom in Downtown Davenport.  Actually, over the past few years, it seems there have been more openings than closings.

An eye sore that was at the corner of 3rd and Harrison was remodeled and the new Daq Faq has brought a shining beacon of drinks and food to downtown.

Plus we've seen more bars and restaurants (that you can see below) take over places including "The Spot" and "The Garrison".  There has also been the expansion of Tiphanie's and an entirely new building coming to the corner of 3rd and Main.

Big Empty Space Coming To Downtown


But with the new buildings, businesses opening, and growth of downtown, a staple is leaving their larger corner of real estate.

The Wells Fargo branch located at 104 W 2nd Street will be closing on February 21, 2024.  As you can see in the picture above that is going to leave a lot of open space if they don't find a new tenant.  The office is located at the corner of 2nd and Brady which is a prime spot downtown.  But as rent increases and more banking can be done online, the convenience of this location is going away.

In a letter sent to Wells Fargo customers, the bank stated that while they are permanently closing on 2/21/24 it will not affect customer accounts.  The letter also reminded customers of other area branches at 2626 Hickory Grove Rd. (3.7 miles away from the downtown location) and 5309 N Brady St (4.2 miles away from the downtown location).

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So while there are options, neither is really convenient for those living or working downtown that use Wells Fargo.

At the time of this story, it was unknown what would be taking over that location.  Maybe another bank.  Maybe a bar/restaurant called "The Bank".  If you have the idea and money to get it going, then maybe you can take over the prime space in Downtown Davenport.

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