If we learned anything with this year's flooding, it's that sometimes, the River is just stronger. (Isn't there a song about that in Mulan? Maybe Pocahontas?).

Unfortunately, the waters this year were strong enough to overtake Davenport's HESCO barrier. After an investigation, officials found that there was no structural fault with the barrier itself, the water was just able to get past it.

Now, preparations are changing. According to KCRG, Davenport is building a bigger flood wall. Per the report, "The city will build larger flood walls when there is a high probability the river cresting above 21 feet."

Davenport public works crews started building the new, larger flood wall last week, based on a design that uses two lines of HESCO barriers on the ground with another two stacked on top.

To me, it sounds like much bigger, much more important LEGO blocks. Here's hoping that this works, especially since more flooding is in the forecast again!

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