Dwyer & Michaels anonymously received a memo that was sent by Bishop Zinkula of the Diocese of Davenport to pastors and principals in the area, detailing a severance of sponsorship between the Diocese and the local Boy Scouts.

"For many years, numerous parishes and schools in our diocese have enjoyed a good and rewarding relationship with the Boy Scouts," Zinkula began the memo. "It is my hope that these relationships will continue, although in a different form in some locations."

Zinkula cited the bankruptcy court proceedings stemming from the consideration of a $1.9 Billion settlement to be paid to the victims of abuse in a lawsuit against the Boy Scouts.

"I have been kept informed on the current bankruptcy court proceedings involving the Boy Scouts and victims of abuse. After careful consideration, I have determined that, unfortunately, the sponsor relationship that some parishes and schools have with the Boy Scouts will have to end," the Bishop wrote.

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"Therefore, for 2022 and subsequent years, Catholic entities will no longer be able to be the local organization that sponsors a scouting program."

Zinkula continued, that the parishes and schools may continue to allow the Boy Scouts to use facilities as they already do.

"However, parishes and schools are welcome to choose to permit the Boy Scouts access to parish and school facilities as they do for other outside groups, following the same diocesan policies and protocols, including safe environment training and background checks. This decision is made at the local level by pastors and principals, as it would be made with any other outside group."

Being that they wouldn't be associated, the Boy Scouts would have to adhere to the usual policies in place for outside groups and organizations requesting the use of facilities.

"The Boy Scouts would be requested to sign a facility use agreement and an unaffiliated organization agreement. They also would provide the certificate of insurance required in the agreement. The name of a scouting group must not include the name of the parish or school that provides meeting space, since the group is not part of the parish or school," Zinkula wrote.

View the full release below:

Scout Memo from Diocese of Davenport

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