The summer of 2020 was an odd time.  We were thick into the pandemic and people were getting cabin fever after being told to stay home.  We were itching for something new. Something different.

First Some Beer History

According to, the popularity of fruit-flavored beer can be attributed to the Belgians when they began brewing the first cherry Krieks and Lambics in 1930.

They followed with raspberries and peaches creating the framboise Lambic in the 1950's and the Peche Lambic in the 1980s.

You've probably had a Front Street Brewery "Cherry Bomb Blonde" or a 5ive Cities "Bikini Bottom" pineapple wheat.  You can thank the Belgians apparently.

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Summer 2020

Scarcity is always a good marketing tactic.  When you can't get something, it makes you want it more. Word would spread like wildfire when the local liquor store would have this new beer in stock.  We got a call one Sunday afternoon that Eagle River Liquor had this new beer in stock and we rushed into town.

What We Thought of the Beer

A 30-pack was purchased and four of us, my wife, my niece, and her fiance, gathered around the picnic table as if we were starving for someone to drop off a pizza.  Only, instead of mouthwatering food, it was the ice-cold beer that had been built up by our friends and people on social media.

Busch Light Apple was described as a,

...crisp, refreshing, apple-flavored lager with a touch of sweet on the front end and a clear, beer finish on the back end.

Which, is a pretty accurate description.

But with a rating of 3.39 out of 5 stars on, and poor sales, Anheuser Busch has decided this 4.1% ABV lager will no longer be available.

Busch Light Apple
Yelp via Charlie B
Yelp via Charlie B

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