A cold beer will help sooth your winter blues, but cheap beer, well that just makes it extra sweet.

Busch has decided to try a new campaign where in select states throughout the Midwest, depending on how much snow falls, that will depend on how much cheaper your Busch will be.

As of 1/20/2020, Iowa is tied for 1st place with 9 inches inches and with Minnesota also having seen 9 inches of snowfall, respectively. If this makes you want more snow in Iowa, I totally understand.

Busch is calling it 'Busch Snow Day."

Winter is about to get harsh, but Busch is here to make the make the cold months go down a little easier, so our fans can focus on the things that really matter.


During Busch Snow Day, every inch of snow in select cities in the Midwest and Great Lakes equals $1 off of Busch.


The more snow falls, so does the price of Busch.


We’re tracking the snowfall here, and if you live in the same state as any of these cities, you’re eligible!


Rebates can be entered at any time until March 21, and you’ll receive money back shortly after that date.

They want you to go to My Beer Rebate, use code AB-1775, and check out if you can "cash in on your Busch Snow Day savings!"

Of course there are "Beer Rules" which will tell you how to get this amazing deal as the crappy snow falls.

Busch will take a dollar off up to $30, but I really hope we don't get to that point...

Drink responsibly and if you really want to drink cheap, cheap beer, pray to the snow gods!

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