Ex-baseball star for the New York Mets Jerry Koosman, was hanging in his hometown in Wisconsin...well maybe "hanging" isn't the right word. How about bombed and behind the wheel. SG

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Jerry Koosman was used to throwing the heat from the mound. On the night in question, Jerry had been drinking at a golf tournament...and the heat was on him.

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Jerry was a World Series winner at one point, but it appears that life hasn't been to kind to Jerry. At the time of his DUI arrest, he was wanted for willfully failing to file an income tax return. He was on probation for a tax conviction, so getting the DUI added to his bad night.


Jerry was pulled by officers near his home in Osceola, Wisconsin. He told cops that he was really surprised by the .22 alcohol level...Nearly 3 times over the Wisconsin legal limit.

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Here's the weird ending to this...a FEDERAL judge signed off on NO ACTION BEING TAKEN AGAINST JERRY for the DUI. Wait, what? So the judge (Mets fan) was ok with #73 on the all time wins list in Major League Baseball, not getting in trouble? Being 3 times over the legal limit was ok with this Federal Judge?

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19 years in the league, over 200+ wins from the mound, a World Series ring, and a judge in his back pocket! Play ball!!!

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