Through virtual reality we can experience the new Interstate 74 Mississippi River Bridge like never before. says through the virtual experience you'll be able to drive the new four lane bridge. Get a birds eye view of the I-74 reconstruction by perching on top of the bridge's arch. Walk along the multi use path to get a great view of the Quad Cities skyline. Users can even dive into the water to check out the Mississippi's eco system.

Here's a short video of what virtual reality users will experience:

The virtual experience was made possible by The Iowa Department of Transportation partnering with Iowa State University's Institute for Transportation and the university’s Virtual Reality Applications Center. The virtual experience will be at the Moline Public Library, 3210 41st Street, from February 16th through May 31st. There will be more places where the virtual reality experience will be offered in the future.

I have yet to experience Virtual Reality and this could be a great way to do that. I just don't hope I get dizzy. I kind of get a little dizzy watching the video!

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