We lost a few great businesses last year as a result of the pandemic, but there's a chance one of those businesses is coming back.

Last year Ming Wah, a Chinese restaurant, in Moline closed during the pandemic. It was one of my favorite Chinese joints and a huge loss to all of us who love Asian food. But now there's a rumor on a popular Quad City restaurant group page that indicates this restaurant might be reopening.

If you search "Ming Wah' on Facebook you'll find Ming Wah, but there hasn't been a new post on the Ming Wah Facebook page since March, 2020, although the listing says it's 'open.' I don't think it really is open. But the 'We are Closed' sign isn't there either.

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We all saw the 'closed' sign in the window months ago and rumor had it the owners were not going to reopen. The restaurant has been closed ever since.

As of April 15, 2021 there's a Facebook post on the QC take out and delivery group page that shows a pic of the Ming Wah window that says, 'Open April 23 Friday' in the restaurant window.

Ming Wah window
Marci Byrd/Facebook photo

Reading through the post this morning (there are about 350 posts in this thread) I gleaned some information. Some say the restaurant was sold to new owners who plan to reopen Friday, April 23. 

Another commenter suggested the plan was to reopen with similar recipes and menu items. Most of the comments listed their favorite menu items, like sizzling rice soup, egg rolls and garlic chicken. Many of the posts indicate the restaurant will be deluged by rabid Quad City Chinese Ming Wah fans. 

Here's where you can read the post comments.

I hope I'm spreading a good rumor here. I hope the food is every bit as good as it was. And I also hope they're slammed in the best possible way.

You'll find Ming Wah at 1315 41st St, Moline, near the Family Video.

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