After having several days of warm temperatures and sunshine I hate to use the 'F' word, but here it is. FROST. Ew, gross.

Frost is coming to the Quad Cities. According to the National Weather Service of the Quad Cities, cloudy skies and blustery winds will hold temperatures in the lower to mid 50s today, Thursday, Oct. 21.

Clouds will begin to thin out tonight, allowing temperatures to fall into the 30s with patchy frost possible over eastern Iowa and northwest Illinois. 

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Clear skies and light winds are expected to bring a widespread frost Friday night with the potential for freezing temperatures north of highway 30. The NWS says if a freeze occurs it will be later than the average date of the fall freeze. Areas just north of Clinton are at most risk for a freeze.

National Weather Service of the Quad Cities photo

Usually the Quad Cities experiences its first freeze around October 18, so we're a bit late this year. Remember two years ago when the Quad Cities saw six inches of snow?

National Weather Service of the Quad Cities photo

Even though the map shows areas north and west of the Quad Cities are most likely to experience frost and freezing temps, local forecasters recommend we protect any vegetation overnight.

Sunday brings us some rain and clouds that will last through Monday. It looks like we won't see temps in the 60s until mid-week. Welcome to fall.

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