If you've lived in the Midwest for awhile, you're probably used to cold weather. It's just part of the territory. But tomorrow we're supposed to get temperatures that even midwesterners are nervous about.

We are officially under a wind chill warning through tomorrow. According to the National Weather Service, "This afternoon through Thursday morning, near historic cold and
life threatening wind chills are expected over the entire area. The coldest temperatures since 1996 combined with wind are expected to push wind chills into the 30 to 60 degree below zero range."

In short, it's going be freezing...literally.

At this point, safety is top priority. Schools and businesses throughout the Quad Cities have already issued notices of closure for tomorrow. But there are a few very important places that will be open.

Here's a list of warming centers throughout the area, and their hours:

Remember to layer up, and take every precaution! (I find that snacks help too).

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