Usually, internet trolls are the worst. They're mean and persistent and unnecesary. But there is a brand of light trolling that can be pretty funny. Wendy's has mastered it, and last October, it looked like the Moline Police Department might have as well.

If there was one thing I was hoping to see in this new year, it was more of the MPD trolling its followers. Thankfully, that came true! Their social media game is stronger than ever with these cold temps.

Late last night, the MPD Facebook page posted a screenshot of impending temperatures, starting at -3 and only dropping further, and declared that they were "cancelling all misdemeanor and felony criminal activities."

I had to do a double take, because I thought they were trying to say they were canceling hearings. But no. Check out the full post:

It was met with just as much joy as their first bout of shading, earning comments like "You really hit the mark with this, gave us a laugh instead of a complaint. We appreciate you even more! Thank you."

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