We can all agree that there are some unspoken rules that you just follow, whether it's to be courteous or just overall decent. I asked QCA folks what some of their top pet peeves are and here are a few of the top answers.

You answered me on Facebook (if you haven't yet, feel free to comment) and reached out to me so here's the master list:

  • Instead of waiting behind someone in line, don't walk up to and stand right next to them.
  • Don't check out at a store while you're talking on your cellphone.
  • If you're going to drive in the left lane, especially on the interstate, don't drive slow.
  • When the shopping carts aren't returned to the corrals in the parking lot, they have the freedom to slam into cars or block empty spots.
  • Be sure to tip your servers.
  • Don't leave your table at a restaurant in a messy state. Gather the cups, silverware, etc. together for the waiter or waitress.
  • Say thank you if someone opens the door for you.
  • Replace the empty toilet paper roll. (Fact: my college suitemate once left a post-it note essay on it detailing why she shouldn't be the one to have to change it.)
  • When the elevator door opens, let the people finish getting off of it before you get on.
  • Parking right in front of someone's driveway

All pretty valid points, honestly. Just be kind and use your blinker. For the love of everything holy, use your blinker.

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