I'm a snorer.  I admit it.  I wish I wasn't...but here we are with a wish in one hand and CPAP in the other.

I can say, my wife is a trooper.  She used to sleep on the couch when things got bad but she's come up with ways to battle my beastly roars.  She now has a fan on full blast by head and a giant bag of ear plugs on her night stand.

There are many ways people handle a snorer.  Some of my favorites are a gentle nudge or an arm rub with a polite request to "roll over".

Some of my least favorite ways she has dealt with it is a full on elbow to my ribs, kicks to my shins and multiple palm slaps to the facial region.

According to SWNS, here are the most common ways we handle it . . .

  • 1.  Kick them, or elbow them in the side.
  • 2.  Wake them up.
  • 3.  Move to a guest bedroom to get away from the noise.
  • 4.  Sleep on the sofa.
  • 5.  Start going to bed at a different time than they do.
  • 6.  Drown it out with ear plugs or white noise.
  • 7.  Record them snoring to prove they do it.
  • 8.  Make THEM sleep somewhere else.
  • 9.  Yell at them.
  • 10.  Pinch their nose to make them stop.

What can us snorers do to help out our partners?

Lose weight!  My number one reason for snoring is holding extra baggage.  The past 2 years have not helped at all.  So, I know I need to get back on the horse.

Also, CPAPs help.  I use a CPAP alternative from Beattie and it makes a huge difference.

Those two things combined and I've got a happy wife.  But until then...

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