While rumors have floated and speculation has been rampant that Illinois might stop changing their clocks twice a year, nothing has come of it.  And this weekend, like most of the United States all of us in the Quad Cities will need to spring forward and lose an hour of sleep.  Precious, precious sleep.

Yes, Saturday night is the start of Daylight Saving Time.  Side note, "Saving", not "Savings".  We aren't savings anything, we are saving something.  Just so you can speak that properly to your friends.  Where was I?  Oh yes, Saturday the now 105 year old tradition of Daylight Saving Time will once again have us lose an hour of sleep.  Bars will lose an hour of drinking time.  And for all us parents out there, our kids clock will be messed up for the next month.

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Daylight Saving Time isn't bad for most of us.  Most of us would rather have it dark this time of year at 7am and still light at 7pm so we can get enjoy the sun after work.  Although with many early risers in the Quad Cities, there are arguments for no DST as well.

According to Wikipedia, Florida, Washington, California, and Oregon legislatures have all passed bills to enact permanent DST, but the bills require Congressional approval in order to take effect. 26 states have considered making DST permanent but unless Congress changes federal law, states cannot implement permanent DST—states can only opt out of DST, not standard time.

Currently Arizona (but not all of Arizona...so damn confusing) is the only state in the country that does not observe DST.  And as somebody who lived there, that is even more confusing!  Now I'm Mountain time.  Now I'm Pacific time.  Now I'm lost in a tunnel of time madness.

As of now, we are stuck moving our clocks this weekend.  But please, for the love of our body clocks, just pick a time and run with it.

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