A 9-year-old from Iowa City will make his Hulu debut in the new season of Hulu's true crime comedy show, "Only Murders in the Building".

Matthew Lamb will appear in the show, which will premiere on June 28. The series stars Selena Gomez, Steve Martin, and Martin Short. Lamb will play a young Steve Martin in the second episode of season two. Here's the trailer for the show's second season:

I haven't seen it but I love all things true crime so I'll have to catch up before the new season begins.

Lamb has been acting for most of his life, doing voiceover roles for Netflix and Disney Jr. He also has two film credits and he has done multiple plays at Iowa City Community Theatre. He told The Gazette that his role in "Only Murders in the Building" is his favorite so far.

It was so fun. Since we were filming right on the streets of New York, there were these big trailers lined up on the streets of New York and I would get to go in there and get my costume on … There was a big, black van that would take you from one place to another. Since we were filming on the streets, there would be people walking by so it would be hard because if they were to catch someone in normal clothes, since it’s a flashback, they would have to cut and redo.

Lamb's first role, he says, was as baby Jesus when he was two months old and he slept the entire time.

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