Want to play hockey? Why not build your own ice rink? That's what one Iowa dad did for his sons.

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According to KWWL, Weylon Heiser from northeast Iowa decided to build an ice rink in his backyard for his two sons. Both of his sons aspire to play hockey in college. Since his boys hadn't got much time to themselves on the ice, Heiser decided to build them their own rink. Heiser believes that the more practice they get, the better chance they have to play in college.

That's what it's all about, is opportunity. You know when I was a kid the more time you spent practicing something the better you got at it, and so I really wanted to install that work ethic in my kids," Heiser told KWWL.

KWWL reports that Heiser used "boards, liners, and a lot of water" to assemble the 50 feet wide by 100 feet long rink. All in it cost him a couple of thousand dollars for the materials and $500 a year for the liner. Despite the high price tag and labor hours, Heiser says it was worth it if it means helping his kids reach their goals.

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