I know I'm not the only one who has been screwed by those stupid traffic cameras in Davenport. It brought a whole new meaning to 2 ticket Tuesday. I received 2 infractions in 2 weeks for barley being over the speed limit in an area I would call an out right speed trap where Bettendorf turns into Davenport and goes from 45 to 40 on 61. Coming from Chicago, i know that on the Illinois side, many local governments have deemed the cameras unconstitutional. So there has been a major decrease in traffic cameras, especially in Chicago.

However, on the Iowa side, you still see them everywhere. As stated above, we have them in Davenport, now we are hearing of major complaints in Cedar rapids and Des Moines.

The Iowa Supreme Court on Friday raised several concerns with the fines collected by Des Moines, Cedar Rapids, and other major Cities in Iowa through the use of these automated traffic cameras.

Cities that enforce speeding violations through fines must follow the Iowa Code sections that govern municipal infractions and their handling through the court system, not rely on their own administrative procedures, the state's high court ruled in a challenge to Cedar Rapids' cameras.

The court's dismissed that & many other claims finding no evidence that either Des Moines or Cedar Rapids illegally delegated its police powers to the company hired to run the equipment.

But many legal questions about the cameras remain to be answered. The justices sent several issues back to lower courts.

The notices advise the drivers of their appeal rights, but use language describing the ticket as a "judgment" and a "final administrative decision" that can result in collection efforts and legal action, despite that the case has not gone through the court system.

The courts also said a city can't avoid the constitution, basically stating that we all do have the right to fight the tickets if we get them, and that just because we recieve a ticket, does not mean we are guilty and we are all entitled to a fair trial.

So, If you get a notice in the mail, respond right away. If you feel it is "BULL" fight it. Or just pay it. No need to put it off. As of now I believe you will get a fair trial. I paid mine, but debated many times in my own head to fight them. Hopefully, these dumb cameras go away... What do you think?

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