We love lists at "Don't Hassle Us We're Local".  From "Top 5 Tuesdays" to listing things to do with National Day Calendar, we know they can be subjective, biased and controversial.

Everyone likes a good list topic.  Gives them even more freedom to state their own opinion and tell people how wrong they are.

Some lists are just for "clicks and likes".  Some are for a meaningful purpose.  The list we take exception with means well but put little thought in the final product.

The list that we did not agree with was "The Greatest Traditions in College Football".

Leaving off "The Wave" that the University of Iowa football team, football opponents and fans do to the children at the University of Iowa Stead Family Children's Hospital at the end of the 1st quarter of every home football game in Kinnick Stadium is crazy nonsense.  Especially, when they put the University of Miaim's "Turnover Chain" on the list.

I know the missed some other important traditions like Penn State's "White Out Game", Notre Dame's "Play Like A Champion Today" and Tennessee's "Rocky Top Post Win Celebration" but this tradition needed to be on the list.

Too new of a tradition? "The Wave" is as old as the turnover chain.  In every definition of the word "tradition" there is zero times a number has been been to qualify something as a "tradition".

We get that it is just a list but we strongly feel that a tradition this powerful, that has been adopted by many athletic programs near hospitals, should be on this list.  Especially over chains, cowbells and West Virginia karaoke.

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