Twice a year, just like clockwork (see what I did there?), we switch our timepieces one hour ahead, then one back, in observance of Daylight Saving Time.

DST was first used by the Germans in World War I to save energy by providing more manufacturing time during daylight hours. America first implemented DST during WWII, but its use wasn’t formalized until our standard time zones were established in 1966.

Some love it for the extra daylight hours we get during the warmer months, while others disdain the disruption to sleep routines twice a year.

In January of 2017, several Iowa lawmakers sided with DST naysayers and drafted legislation to get Iowa off the DST rollercoaster. Then Governor Branstad came out against the legislation, stating that Iowa needs to stick with other states in the Midwest as to not disrupt its economy.

Until someone votes to change things, we'll move our clocks ahead again this Sunday morning at 2:00 a.m. and begin Daylight Saving Time once again.

- Craig

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