A lot of Major League Baseball fans do not like Joe West.

Former major league catcher and now Barstool podcast host, Paul Lo Duca, does not like Joe West.

According to Lo Duca, former Mets closer Billy Wagner LOVED Joe West.

Back in May, Lo Duca alleged that Joe West opened up his strike zone for Billy Wagner in a game against the Phillies in either 2006 or '07.  Lo Duca described the situation as Wagner asked the catcher to set up inside a few inches on the batters he was going to face.  Lo Duca was apprehensive knowing that Joe West's strike zone was tight when Lo Duca caught.  Wagner struck out the side, according to Paul, in 10 pitches.

Wagner later explained, according to Lo Duca, that Joe West loves antique cars so every time he came into town to umpire a series, Billy would loan West his '57 Chevy.  In turn, Joe West would open up the strike zone for Wagner.

Accusing an umpire of taking bribes is very serious and Joe West is not laughing.  He is suing Paul Lo Duca for defamation.  The complaint was filed on Tuesday.

In the complaint, representatives for West claim that no such game ever occurred and that the the claims that Joe West ejected Lo Duca from baseball games "eight or nine" times is false, as well-- Lo Duca was ejected 8 times in his career and only ONCE by Joe West.

Somebody's credibility is going to down soon.

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