On June 24th at 7:05 P.M, all roads lead to The Vibrant Arena at The MARK in Moline, Illinois, where the Quad City SteamWheelers will host the Iowa Barnstormers in what promises to be an epic game of Indoor Football League (IFL).

Quad City SteamWheelers
Quad City SteamWheelers

Redemption Game

Fans will be treated to an entertaining spectacle as both teams are out for a win, but Quad City SteamWheelers have a more profound point to prove after suffering a loss against the BarnStormers the last time they met. A win will guarantee the team redemption for the past defeat and also strengthen their chances of making it to the playoffs.

But the SteamWheelers are not leaving anything to chance; the players are prepared for the match and are all set to fight hard for their fans. This is an important match, and the SteamWheelers are at home, so they are confident that they can emerge victoriously.

Legends Night

The Vibrant Arena at The MARK will witness an influx of legends, as the theme of the match is Legends Night. These athletes have worked tirelessly, training their bodies and honing their skills to get to the top of their game, and they will be there to support the players who are striving to make a mark.

The photo below reveals all the athletes involved in Legends Night.

Quad City SteamWheelers Legends Night.
Quad City SteamWheelers Legends Night.

Whether you’re at the Vibrant Arena at The MARK or tuning in to the IFL’s Official YouTube Channel, make sure to get a glimpse of this intriguing match between the Quad City SteamWheelers and the Iowa Barnstormers. This game is set to be the defining moment of the SteamWheelers' season, and fans are waiting eagerly to see the outcome. Let's play ball!



Kids Football Camp

The QC Steamwheelers Mini camp is happening on Friday, June 23rd, from 1-3 pm at the Vibrant Arena on the Steamwheelers Turf.

Every camper will receive a free T-shirt, one ticket to the game against the Iowa Barnstormers, and the chance to be selected as an HONORARY "COACH" during pregame warmups for the June 24th game.

Parents purchasing Kids Camp Admission will also have direct access to tickets to accompany their children to the game, which can be picked up the day of the camp.

Don't miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to train like the PROS and watch the QC Steamwheelers take on the Iowa Barnstormers. Enroll your kids in the 2023 Mini-Wheelers Kids Camp today!

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