The new golf development "Iron Tee Golf" is getting ready to open just in time for golf season.  Now with some exciting updates, golf, and sports can see what the complex will have when it opens.

The city has also been hard at work in the area with road construction nearly complete in the area.

Northeast Bettendorf Iowa Is Transforming


Total Solutions
Total Solutions

The most exciting highlight of the new complex is the three-story "Golf Entertainment Venue". The venue will experience TopTracer Range technology in 60+ climate-controlled outdoor hitting bays, chef-driven menu items, top-shelf drinks, music, and year-round entertainment.

There will be numerous high-definition televisions located throughout the facility with one oversized 4K LED television, which is estimated to be the largest indoor in the state of Iowa.

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Originally developers targeted summer/fall for the grand opening.  While some delays came up, things are looking good for this spring.

Iron Tee Golf Announces Construction Update and Opening Plans

JLG Architects
JLG Architects



Things are coming this spring!  Some items will be ready by mid-March.  Others will be ready by early April.

From the Iron Tee update, they are working on:

Level 1 Ground Floor with painting with the arcade and mini golf equipment coming shortly after.

Level 2 is getting the bar built with more painting and restrooms being finished.

Level 3 (there are a lot of levels...told you it was a huge place!) drywall is wrapping up, painting will start shortly after, and then the all-important golf bays will start to be prepped.

Iron Tee Golf is also working on the Kitchen and Bar, other golf essentials, and again a very important update...the beer system!  Installation of that has started.  3 bars with 36 beers will be on tap once complete.


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