The Putnam Museum and Science Center’s newest exhibit is now open for builders of all ages.  Take the kids and the kid in you to use your problem solving and abstract thinking skills to "Build! Create! Innovate!"

The new area includes 3,600 square feet of building space and over 15,000 KEVA Planks, along with photography of local architecture and a pre-built bridge, Kone Tower, and the Putnam’s iconic Velie automobile.

Putnam Museum
Putnam Museum

KEVA Planks require very little instruction and allow guests to unleash their creativity. Children will discover the joy of physics, engineering, and design. Adults will build alongside kids, testing their own abilities at a higher level and taller heights. Teachers will be empowered and equipped to challenge students to imagine, design, and build their own structures...all within the Smithsonian-affiliated Putnam Museum and Science Center.

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Precision-cut, identical construction blocks, KEVA Planks are about ¼-inch thick, ¾-inch wide, and 4 ½-inches long and stack with surprising stability, without glue or connectors. Using only gravity, visitors of all ages will engage with physics to achieve balance, optimum proportion, and a steady structure. Visitors will be encouraged to create castles, bridges, trains, and full scenes such as landscapes, farms, or your favorite area of the Quad Cities.

“Join us to create everything from simple stacks to elaborate cities full of towering skyscrapers!” says Ben Johnson, Vice President of Museum Experiences. “We hope you’ll be inspired, and possibly find your path toward becoming a tradesperson, engineer, architect, or artist.”

Putnam Museum
Putnam Museum

With support from the local labor and trades industries, the exhibit celebrates the construction and architecture of our region. “We’re so appreciative for the support of our local building and trades community, partnering to inspire the next generation of creators and builders in our community,” says Rachael Mullins, CEO and President of the Putnam. “With their support, this exhibit will also become a permanent part of the museum's collection, with features integrated into the Putnam visitor experience for years to come.”

For more information, visit the Putnam website.

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