Looking for a new place to live and you happen to have a lot of money.  Or maybe you're just already scouting the best neighborhoods for trick-or-treating and getting those full-size candy bars.

If you are living in the Midwest, there is only one city that is in the Top 25 richest cities in the US in 2024.

25 Richest Cities in America for 2024

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Some cities in America would consider 10-dollar and 5-dollar bills couch change.  All the cities in the top 25 richest cities have a median household income of over $173,000.

11 of those cities are in California including the top spot on the list, Los Altos, California.  3 of the cities are in Texas.  The rest are on the East Coast except for the one Midwest city in Illinois.

The top 10 richest cities look like this:

  1. Los Altos, California
  2. University Park, Texas
  3. McLean, Virginia
  4. Southlake, Texas
  5. Wellesley, Massachusetts
  6. Saratoga, California
  7. San Carlos, California
  8. Lexington, Massachusetts
  9. Cupertino, California
  10. Potomac, Maryland

The Richest City In Illinois


The list from Veranda.com includes plenty of towns in California you've never heard of.  But maybe you know this small city in Illinois that makes the top 25.  It's the only Midwest city on the list.  Welcome to the 23rd richest city in America, Wilmette, Illinois.

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Google Maps

With a median income of $173,967, Veranda.com says about the Chicago suburb on the shore of Lake Michigan;

Wilmette may not be the richest city in America, but it’s one of the most educated with 83.8 percent of adults holding a bachelor’s degree or higher. Additionally the city has one of the lowest median home values (of the richest cities, that is), listed at $795,360 in 2023, according to Zillow.

So if you have the money and want to live in "that neighborhood" but also stay in the Midwest, then Wilmette might be the place for you to call home.

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