Some pizza is great.  Some not so much.  But for many of us, we'll still eat it.  Cause pizza is king.  There still has to be somebody ranked at the bottom of the list when it comes to favorite, or least favorite, pizza places.

While this might be America's least favorite pizza there are still 19 places in Illinois where you can grab a slice and do much more.

The Top 5 Worst Pizza Places In Illinois

Rob/Townsquare Media
Rob/Townsquare Media

24/7 Wall Street took the time to find the worst places in America to get pizza, and we're sorry if any of these are actually your favorite.

Number 5 - Dominos

Dominos Pizza Files To Go Public
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People give Dominos a low grade for the "Lack of consistent quality, Low-quality toppings."

Number 4 -  Papa Murphy's

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So you don't want to make pizza but you still want to cook your pizza.  Papa Murphy's is your place.  The only place on the list that makes the pizza that you then take home to bake which in theory makes it fresh but consumers still don't like the inferior ingredients and crust.

Number 3 - Little Ceasers

Tami Seitz/Townsquare Media
Tami Seitz/Townsquare Media

Pizza Pizza.  Or in this case, no pizza at all.  Walk in, order a pizza, and walk out with one of their "Hot and Ready" pizzas.  It might be hot and ready, but you still don't like the taste.

Number 2 - Cici's

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If you like pizza served buffet style and don't really care about the taste this is your place to eat till you can't move.

This was actually a very close second to the "winner" of the worst pizza in America which has 19 locations in Illinois.  But do people hate the pizza or the screaming kids?

The Worst Pizza In America - Chuck E. Cheese

Pizza Chain Chuck E. Cheese Files For Bankruptcy Protection
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Are you really hitting up Chuck E. Cheese for the pizza or to let the kids run around playing games?  Reviews for Chuck E. Cheese are harsh, but this one might be the best of the worst, “sausage looks like it came out of Chuck’s non-singing end.”  Yum.

However, with how bad they are, you can still find one close to you in Illinois.

There are 2 locations in Chicago plus locations in Arlington Heights, Batavia, Bloomington, Crystal Lake, Darien, Fairview Heights, Gurnee, Joliest, Melrose Park, Naperville, Peoria, Rockford, Skokie, Springfield, Streamwood, Tinley Park, and Villa Park.

So get those tokens ready to play some games and enjoy the "artificial tasting cheese, and cardboard crust covered in sauce."

Dibs on the skeeball line.

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