Some of our friends with the Penguin Project are featured in a new documentary that challenges the idea of "able."

Things like ADHD, Autism, Bipolar disorder, and Down Syndrome are diagnoses, and not labels, and the new film I Am Able follows the journey of nine local Quad Citizens with special needs as they perform in a musical production.


As these young artists take center stage, the spotlight shines on their abilities and similarities to all of us. Through a story of challenges and triumphs, this heartwarming film seeks to ignite conversations about inclusion and action and encourages thoughtful conversations about what it means to destigmatize disabilities.

“There is an amazing transformation that occurs when people not only feel included but feel truly accepted,” said Rachael Damm, project manager and co-chair for QC ABLEd. Her daughter, 17-year-old Halea Damm is featured in the film.

Fourteen Quad City filmmakers helped with the creation of this film, produced by the Augustana College-based Fresh Films. The crew filmed the documentary over twelve months, meeting with the artists and their families, as the artists prepared for their production of Suessical.

Putnam Museum
Putnam Museum

The Premier

On November 2nd at the Putnam Museum & Science Center, a red carpet event for featured artists, families and guests from across the Quad Cities will be held at 6:30, with the film and awards running from 7-9pm.

All audiences can catch the film on the big screen from November 3rd through November 13th, thanks to help from the John Deere Foundation, with showings at 6:30pm each night. Tickets are available on the Putnam's website. 

50% of all ticket sales to this film will benefit local nonprofit organizations, including The Arc of the Quad Cities, NAMI, Gigi's Playhouse, Penguin Project of the Quad Cities and more.

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