Sometimes we take the great things we have in the Quad Cities for granted.  And too often we overlook the people who put the blood, sweat and tears into the those great things.  The saying "From the mouths of babes" could not be more true than of the story that has been shared by the Quad City River Bandits in search of the River Bandits super fan.

Originally, the River Bandits Director of Community Relations Kaylee Golden her shared story on her Facebook page about a young River Bandits fan who made her day.  Kaylee wasn't having the greatest day, we all have been there, and a nice gesture by a young fan helped to remind her why she loves her job so much.

The Quad City River Bandits have taken the story and they are looking for the young fan so they can return the appreciation he showed their staff.  Hopefully, we can help the Bandits find him soon.

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