The TaxSlayer Center held a VIP event Thursday to celebrate the reopening of the ahead of the venue's first concert since February of 2020.

Among many upgrades made, perhaps one of the most exciting is the announcement of public WiFi throughout the stadium.

Gone will be the days of taking a pre-concert photo with your close friends to gloat to your Facebook friends that not only are you at the concert they wanted to go to, but they didn't make the list to go with you.

Alongside the announcement came the plans to instill the option for mobile order pickup at concession stands. Simply scan one of the many QR Codes around the arena, order and pay from your phone, and receive a notification when your order is ready. You won't have to miss your favorite song to get another beer.

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"Mobile ordering will be available on our new Mobile Express platform. Fans can scan a QR Code, submit their order and payment info, then will receive an alert on their mobile device when the order is ready for pick-up," the press release reads. "This will reduce congestion and lines on the concourse and allow for faster transactions."

This also plays into their announcement to only have cashless transactions to encourage contactless payment for food and retail purchases.

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