Bear fans haven't had much to cheer for the past 3 decades so you have to celebrate the minor victories whenever they actually do occur.

NOTE: This article is for Bear fans only. Packer fans, you have your own things to worry about. I wrote about that here.

Hello Bear fans. It might almost be over. The three decade reign the Packers have had over the Bears might finally be crumbling. Sure both teams are pretty bad right now but the Bears are trending upwards and the Packers seem to be spiraling into chaos.

It hasn't always been that way. Not only have the Packers enjoyed 30 years of HOF quarterbacking, the front office seemed to have a successful plan. At least successful compared to whatever clown show was being performed at Halas Hall.

Bear fans not only had to watch their team get destroyed on the field, they had to watch them get dominated in ownership as well. The Packers made all the right moves while the Bears did whatever the opposite of right was.

Well, it might finally be over.


The Bears made a trade Tuesday afternoon that not only made incredible sense for the Bears, it sent Packer fans off the deep end.

I'll leave the football analysis to the experts, but this seems to be a great move by the Bears and the beginning of the creation of a young, talented offensive core.

Aaron Rodgers has been openly petitioning the Packers franchise for some help at wide receiver and even mentioned during an appearance on the Pat McAfee show that he knew the Packers were in discussions for Claypool and was disappointed that they missed out.

This is literally the first time I can ever remember the Bears getting something that Green Bay wanted and it feels good. It's like an excitement sundae with some schadenfreude whipped cream.

There were some great reactions on social media.


It's been a long time since it's felt like the Bears were in a better position than the Packers. Bear fans need to enjoy the feeling while it lasts.

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