If you ask a lot of Bear fans they would probably tell you that 60:1 is probably a little too optimistic.

It looks like the people who know things (oddsmakers) don't have much faith in the Bears hoisting the Lombardi trophy after Super Bowl LVI.

The only teams with worse odds to win the Super Bowl next year are :

  • New York Giants - 80:1 - They have been a laughing stock ever since Eli Manning left.
  • Washington Football Team - 80:1 - One of the worst run organizations in the NFL for decades.
  • Detroit Lions - 100:1 - See above
  • New York Jets - 100:1 - Also a laughing stock for decades and will be starting a rookie QB.
  • Cincinnati Bengals - 100:1 - Have not been relevant since Boomer Esiason
  • Houston Texans - 100:1 - Their franchise QB is currently organizing a mutiny it is run so poorly.

Those are the only teams that Vegas thinks have less of a shot at the title than the Bears.

One of the things that really stuck out to me was the fact that on January 18th the Bears were sitting at 40:1. Not great but still better than 60:1. The Bears didn't really make any moves other than sign a few assistant coaches to the team. What did happen between January 18th and when the most recent odds were released was one of the most patronizing "press conferences" I've ever seen.

Did the Bears show their true colors to the rest of the country during that press conference. Did that finally prove to people that the Bears might really not put winning as the number one priority? That's really the only explanation.

To make matters worse, the Bears "rival" (that's a tough word to use when you look at the past 3 decades) the Packers, are only second to the Chiefs for favorite to win the Super Bowl. And that is with the news that Aaron Rodgers might not be happy in Green Bay and could play for someone else next year.

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