About a week ago, Peter Rugg, a Quad City born writer, gave a review of his favorite childhood style of pizza.  In the online article, Rugg reminisced about his childhood in the Quad Cities and had nothing but good things to say about the area... except for the style of pizza.  His article can be found at the online popculture site vice.com.

I am not saying that Peter's review was wrong or right by any means.  The only thing I have a problem with is this...

The QC-style cut, however, spits in the face of pizza evolution. There’s no structural integrity. It’s essentially a limp strand of cheese and bread.

It is made to be that way.  We recently had a blind taste testing on Don't Hassle Us We're Local of local taco pizza.  We met resistance from some local places because we requested party cut.  We were told that it would compromise their pizza.

"Quad City Style Pizza" has been the feature of many great reviews: USA TodayFood And Wine, and our own Visit Quad Cities.

Reviews don't mean a thing in the Quad Cities when it comes to this polarizing topic.  Only opinions.  And it will come to no shock to anyone in the Quad Cities that there were many different opinions over the quality of "Quad City Style Pizza".


And here is where the problem lies.  There may be different factions in the world of "Quad City Style Pizza" here in the QC but the majority of people who voice their opinion SO LOUDLY for or against "Quad City Style Pizza" would throw the local pizzas to the ground, load up a bus of fellow QC pizza lovers/dissenters, run over the pizzas and pass through red lights to get to a Giordano's Pizzeria if one where to open in the QC.

Don't believe me.  Check out the hysteria for Portillo's and Five Guys in the QC recently.

By the way, my Italian Beef from Lendi's Gyros that I had for lunch was fantastic.




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