While watching TV this morning, I came across a commercial that was so ridiculous, I had to watch it three more times.  Then I went to the internet to find it so I could write about it.

Farxiga is a medicine that is prescribed with exercise and dieting can help you stop missing your A1C levels. The medication can help lower A1C levels in adults with type 2 diabetes when taken daily.

That is awesome.  I have friends with diabetes and I am all for them lowering their levels and exercising.

I also have friend that play slow pitch softball.  This commercial is such a poor representation on softball that it made me want to tell my friends to stop playing.

Do me a favor and watch the :60 commercial.  See how many instances that you can find that would not happen on a slow pitch softball field and then compare to see if I missed anything:



Now let's start from the beginning and work our way through the many "what the hell type of softball did I just watch?" moments (a quick internet search shows that I am not alone);

    • I am OK with the error through the legs.  I am not OK with the dude wearing khaki shorts in the outfield
    • I am also not OK with the hitter wearing sweat/softball pants pulled up to his knees and his socks pulled all the way down.  Does not look like a ball player.
    • Wait is that catcher wearing a mask in a slow pitch softball game?
    • OK. OK. That pitchers form is awful.  Also, they are playing slow pitch softball on a baseball diamond and the pitcher is throwing from a mound.
    • Are we sure that the batter did not step out of the batters box on contact?
  • The throw to the cut off from the right fielder to the second baseman.  HE THREW THE BALL UNDERHAND!!!!
  • There is no way that there are that many fans and are cheering on this enthusiastically at this softball game.  Even for a company picnic, I call B.S.

I just want the commercial to be a little more believable.  Like I said, I love that there is medication for exercise minded individual living with type 2 diabetes but I would hope the advertising execs would take use an activity that they know more about.

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