If you think the Quad Cities is lacking in hiking, biking, and walking trails you'd be wrong. According to QC Trails, there are TONS of options for those looking to get out in nature. There's currently 94 trails listed, and they're all easily accessible to Quad Citizens. On the website you can search by county, city, and even trail difficulty. If you'd like some suggestions for trails you can use the "Suggested Adventures" feature which allows you to choose between family friendly walks, trails with educational activities, trails along the river, and several other options. There's also a few paddling, cross-country skiing, and equestrian trails listed if those are more up your alley.

Google Maps/qctrails.com
Google Maps/qctrails.com

Another feature of the site also allows you to log your completed trails to earn badges. If you're a competitive person these badges could provide some motivation to go out and try something new. One of our favorites is "Smooth Operator", which is awarded when you complete all paved multi-use trails.

If you're tired of doing the same old trail every weekend, this is a great tool to use.

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