If you or your kids have been using TikTok or the Musical.ly apps, you're most likely going to be entitled to a payout of a class action lawsuit.

Court documents show a proposed $92 million settlement is pending against TikTok, Inc. in a lawsuit that alleges TikTok “violated federal and state law by collecting and using" personal data "in connection with their use of the TikTok - Make Your Day video-sharing application."


Of course, TikTok denies all of the allegations, according to documents and the settlement with its Chinese parent company ByteDance was reached back in late February.

On Monday, the company put out a settlement notice in the app, sending its users to Tiktokdataprivacysettlement.com.

TikTok surpassed 1 billion users globally in September.

For Illinois residents, the documents say who live in the state are going to be entitled  up to six times the payout of the average claim, because of a breach in Illinois' biometric privacy law. This is because the app allegedly collected data including facial and fingerprint scanning.


Illinois is the only state that allows for monetary satisfaction from unauthorized data collection.

For the payout, if you used the app before September 30, 2021, you're going to most likely qualify, especially if you live in Illinois.


The form takes about 90 seconds to fill out, and asks for information such as your address and TikTok username.

For payout, you'll be given four options to receive your payment:

  • PayPal
  • Venmo
  • A virtual prepaid MasterCard
  • Physical check, mailed to your home


January 31st - Deadline to object and tell the court you don't like the settlement, and last day to be excluded from the settlement.

March 1st - Last day to submit a claim to receive payment.

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