Iowa football held its Media Day on Saturday, and that allowed local media to get some quotes and storylines on the Hawkeyes.

Here are the top-5 quotes from Iowa Coach Kirk Ferentz from Saturday's press conference:

5. (on high expectations): "I don't think I start looking at this year much differently than last year. It's a clean slate right now, and again, I think outside of the first two seasons, we've really had an opportunity to have a successful season and a good football team."


4. (on Desmond King): "First of all, you can't recruit a guy like that in January, at least, not that I'm aware of. Even if a guy was as good as Desmond, a junior college player that was the same age, which would be a little bit of a stretch I guess, but even if the guy was as good, he wouldn't know how to play as good in our system. Desmond has been here and done it very well and got thrown in probably ahead of his time and handled it very well during that Northern Illinois game. So right from that moment on, it's just been pretty much positive steps with him."

Matthew Holst, Getty Images
Matthew Holst, Getty Images


3. (on true freshmen): "We're going to have -- as far as true freshmen, we'll have a really open mind again. Last year we had four guys that played. We'll see how it pans out. I'll probably know more here in about three weeks and that whole deal, but again, I think the guys on the perimeter have a more realistic chance of entering in than guys on the interior."


2. (Is everyone healthy?) "The question about health, the only -- Jonathan Parker, he's in camp right now, you'll see he's got one of those little scooter deals. He had foot surgery about 10 days ago now, so he is clearly not practicing. I don't know, we're probably looking at weeks here, I don't know how many at this point, and then we've held some guys out of camp that had injuries, Jake Sobotka, Mitch Keppy, Mike Slater, and then Austin Schulte, one of our freshman. Those guys are all out. They're coming off surgeries from this past year and not ready to go yet."


1. (Part of Ferentz's opening statement) "Basically since 1999 when we got here, our goal has been the same, to be Big Ten champions, and I think what it comes down to, all you can ask for is opportunity. We feel like we do have a solid foundation built right now, feel really good about the staff, I alluded to that last year, and pretty much in whole we're going in as a staff into year four together now. I think '13 was kind of a pivotal year for us, and I like the blend of the guys we have on our staff, no matter how you look at it, talk about age, experience level, ties to the program, be it as players, as coaches, et cetera, connection, plus we've got guys from the outside with other opinions, other viewpoints, what have you. So I think we've had a lot of good dialogue as a staff and I'm really pleased with the way things are shaping up in that regard."

You can read the full transcript here. Iowa opens Sept. 3 against Miami (Ohio) at 2:30 p.m. on ESPNU.


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