It was just 4 years ago that marijuana became fully legal (or decriminalized) in the eyes of the state of Illinois.  Now here we are getting ready for an entire weekend of celebrating all things cannabis.

The festival in August will be more than cannabis.  Cause of course with that you will get hungry, thirsty and want to hear some music.  Which is what this festival will have.

Legal In Illinois But Not Its Neighbors


While Illinois embraced Mary Jane in 2019 making it fully open for adult recreational use, not all the states' neighbors can say the same.

In fact, Illinois is very much an "island of weed".  To the north Wisconsin has no program for legal THC.  Same to the east in Indiana.  To the west Iowa does allow for medical use.

It was just in 2022 that the other state to the west of Illinois legalize it.  Missouri was the latest state to embrace it.

Technically, Illinois also borders Kentucky as well and they do have legalized cannabis for medical purposes there too.  And don't talk to me about Michigan.  They share a lake, not land.

Cultivate Festival


The 3-day "Cultivate Festival" will take place August 25-27 at The Nursery in Chicago.  The festival will be a "celebration of cannabis culture which includes a diverse music lineup."

They might like the sticky icky but this isn't Woodstock 69.  Three-day passes are $150 or check out one day of the fest for $50.


Each day has music for you to groove to.  The festival says it's a selection of rock, hip-hop, reggae, and punk.

Below you can check out the full list of bands.  Some of the names you might recognize would be The Record Company, Julian Marley (you recognize that Marley name), Fishbone, and Afroman.

Food...of course

No chance they won't be satisfying those munchies.  As much as you might just want Doritos and greasy pizza, Cultivate says:

Cultivate Chicago will have the most delicious festival food, drinks and sweets from the Windy City’s favorite restaurants, food trucks and breweries. It's more than the typical “carnival” type fare, with an emphasis on fresh food and dynamite flavors


What would a Cannabis fest be without Cannabis?  There will be multiple CBD products sold on-site and a shuttle bus to local dispensaries.

Now can you bring your own?  Well technically no.  But really, you've snuck it into places before and this one should be pretty easy too.

Cultivate Chicago
Cultivate Chicago

You can check out more on the fest right here.

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